Friday, May 27, 2011

Are YOU Socially Intelligent? Daniel Goleman - Social Intelligence

Social Media and the Airline Industry

Business Intelligence to Analytics

Just returned after attending a SAS event sharing views about Business Analytics from people who have used it in Banks, Hotels, Exchanges, Plants, NGO etc.

It was interesting to hear how people are using it from campaign mgmt, consumer intelligence, revenue & operations optimization, quality control and in many more functions.

They touched upon topics like

  • What is Business Analytics? How it is different than Business Intelligence

  • Why Now? What's the Payoff?

  • What Info, Skills, Resources & Technology is needed?

  • Experience sharing by people who have used it in their respective organisations

Events Video available on FaceBook SAS page

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seeds of Innovation

Coinnovation is going to bring fundamental change how business will operate in future. understanding innovation is key for all stakeholders/ partners.